Time to Sign-Up!

EDIT: Due to some extremely unfortunate events, the Midwest Meet-Up is being rescheduled. We will keep you posted with details as they become available.

The Midwest Bloggers are having our first Midwest Meet-Up to socialize and collaborate with a creative community of local bloggers. Join us!

Midwest Meet-Up in Des Moines - October 5, 2013 at 12 p.m. CST

West End Architectural Salvage - Site of HGTV series West End Salvage

We'll have a roundtable discussion over lunch to share blogging tips and answer your deepest, darkest blogging questions. Then we'll mingle and share some laughs in the photo booth!

Psst! There will be prizes. You may want to start brushing up on your Midwest trivia now.  ; )


Head Shot Photo Session
Do you need a professional bio photo for your blog's About page? Local photographer, MRogalla Photography, is offering a mini session at an exclusive rate! Each session includes one edited color and b&w image for you to take home with you. Your blog never looked so spiffy!

After the event you can even stay to explore West End Architectural Salavage and its four floors of vintage and antique treasures. It's a blogger dreamland!

There are a limited number of spots so register today!


The Iowa State Fair

I've spent most of the past month prepping for & working at the Iowa State Fair.  It's a TON of work but always a lot of fun... I'm just glad it only happens once a year. 

Here's a little peek for you.

Meet Squirt, the 3,032 lb bull, a State Fair staple.

It's like I've always said, "If you can't find a bed, use a cow instead." 


Summer Snapshots

Wow!  Summer has really gotten away from me.  Anyone else feel the same?   

Our landlord recently sold our house so we've spent a lot of time house hunting lately.  It's amazing how stressful that process can be.  Turns out I really hate not knowing where we'll be living next month.  Thankfully we found a new place that is kitty friendly & thus Laura approved.   

On a lighter note...cue Instagram snapshots of our summer!

Sweet Treats homemade ice cream shop in Jewell, Iowa.  

Little ducklings at the flea market at Webster County Fairgrounds in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

A baby skunk!  I got to hold a baby skunk!  It was the sweetest thing.  Curled up into a ball & burrowed into my hands when the wind started to pick up.  I will have one as a pet someday.  I will. 

A fabulous Tuesday night show at Wooly's.  Love me some They Might Be Giants


Midwest Bloggers

I used to spend a lot of time wishing I could afford to fly to all the great blogger events (seems like they're always on the east or west coast, doesn't it?).  It didn't take me long to realize that was never going to happen...so instead I started wishing somebody would host a big blogger event in my neck of the woods.  I mean, there are a lot of damn cool places in the midwest.  Why shouldn't we have a big event here?  

That's when it hit me.  "You are they."  The old summer camp counselor words to live by.  How many times have I heard that?  You notice a lightbulb is burnt out in the bathroom & you think to yourself, "They really need to fix that."  Stop.  You are they.  I am somebody.  I am the somebody that needs to start a Midwest Bloggers event.

So that's what I'm doing!  Our first Midwest Meet-Up will be on Saturday, October 5th in Des Moines & I truly could not be more excited about it.  You can follow along on the Midwest Bloggers blog, Twitter, & Facebook to receive updates about this event & other rad things happening in the midwest.  

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Send inquiries to mwbloggers@gmail.com.


Spring Wish List

Yep.  I just made an either/or wish list.  I'm trying to be more practical... Trying.  

I was in the mood to look at something pretty yesterday & what better place to start than Modcloth?  Mistake number one had been made.  Almost immediately, I discovered that one of my long-time favorites, the Minneapolis Bag was back in stock.  

Then I laid eyes upon the Garden Party Heel & audibly gasped.  Polka dots, scallops, & a bow...three of my favorites on one chunky heel.  But the $182.99 price tag made me cringe so I moved on to mistake number two.  

I casually typed "cat" in the search bar.  There are 129 search results for cat on Modcloth.  Did I mention mistake number two was a big one?  That's when I discovered that the Meow's the Time Heel is now available in three colors; one of which is nearly the same shade as the Minne Bag.  Must be fate, right?      

Since the combined cost of the bag & kitty heels is almost $60 less than the party heels alone, I felt a lot better about dropping $125.  I could get behind that...but I still like to let pricey things sit in my shopping cart over night so I'm absolutely sure before I hit checkout.

Now here comes the real bummer & the reason this is still a wish list.  Less than 24 hours later, they have sold out of my size in the heels.  Boo.  Also, I got charged an unexpected $150 at the dentist this morning.  Ruh-oh.  

Guess it wasn't fate after all.


Yesterday & Today


I've decided Mother Nature is having a midlife crisis.  That last photo was taken at 8 o'clock this morning & it has not stopped snowing since.  My Facebook timeline looks like this & the world is white again...in May.  I don't particularly mind the snow but I am oh so sad for my flowers.  If anyone has tips on bringing them back, I'd love to hear them!      

Congratulations to Molly, winner of the Izzy & Ali Giveaway!